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                  See You Again, Finding your pets in Heaven

Jen Claflin Fone started this journey of finding comfort in the Word of God (as it relates to her dogs) when she lost her first Akita, Rocky. What started out as one page, grew during each successive loss, culminating in the booklet you have now in your hands with the loss of her 6th Akita, Baku. When she lost her last Service Dog, Autumn (and 5th Akita), she decided it was time to make her writing available to others so they can find comfort too.

Jen, along with her husband Ron have been involved with Akita Rescue Society of Florida since adopting their first Akita in 1996. Since then, they’ve been loved by and loved 8 Akitas, helped with numerous transports of Rescue dogs, done house checks and evaluations of Akitas for potential Service Dog work.

They’ve been teaching Dog Bite Prevention for almost as long as they’ve been involved with Akitas and won a Community Achievement Award from the American Kennel Club.

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